In 2022, the Club embarked on a long-term Woodland Management strategy under the stewardship of John Nicholson.

John is a qualified arborist and he has carried out similar projects at over 400 golf clubs in the UK.

Our woodland mission statement is :

Maintain and enhance the quality of the golf course

- To protect the golfing strategy of holes by creating sustainable woodland cover.

- To improve the quality of grass sward by managing the trees and woodland and stopping encroachment into the line of play.

Maintain and enhance the long-term landscape value of the course.

- Bring existing woodlands into management so their long-term impact on the landscape can be preserved.

- To Maintain the views to the broader landscape and highlight interesting features

Enhance the value of the course for wildlife.

- Utilise native species, mainly non-deciduous, when planting.

- Thin existing woodland where appropriate to encourage development of natural regeneration of tree species and ground flora and a more diverse canopy structure.

- To maintain the calcareous grassland

Ensure safety of members, guests and employees.

- Fell or make safe trees identified as potentially unsafe.

Encourage long term vision and continuity of management policy.

- Ensure all work proposals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and costed.

- To ensure that the necessary licenses are obtained from the Forestry Authority.

- Review management on an annual basis.

Consult with Members on a regular basis

 - We will, on an annual basis, hold meetings to update members on projects and progress.

You can download the recent presentations made by John Nicholson and Scott Weale below.

John Nicholson & Associates

Scott Weale

Woodland Winter Works 2023-24