Tandridge is much more than just a fine parkland golf course. It is also far more than simply the bricks and mortar of a much admired clubhouse.

Tandridge is proud Members' club which values and maintains traditions, standards, competition and companionship.



Our Vision

As move towards our centenary in 2024 , we have created a framework of vision and values which will sustain us for the next years. The strategy covers all areas of the club including the course, our membership, our staff and our finances.

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Club History

From a club founded out of the desire of a small group to play on Sundays to a proud Top 100 Club today, the fascinating history of Tandridge GC is chronicled by our club historian. 

The Film

We recently invited Kevin Murray, one of the world's top photographers to make a film of our course and clubhouse. You can see the full film here.

Officers of the Club

The governance of the Club was changed in 2018. We now have a Management Committee who are responsible for financial matters and deciding the long-term strategy of the Club. There are 7 voting members. Monthly meetings are also attended by the General Manager and Club Captains. The Captains' Committee consists of the Men's Captain and Vice Captain, the Ladies' Captain and Vice-Captain plus 4 other members. The Captains' Committee is responsible for all matters related to Social and Golf.

Women in Golf Charter

TGC is a signatory to The R&A Women in Golf Charter 

We have a commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf. Tandridge calls on everyone involved in golf to play their part in developing a culture that values women’s involvement in every aspect of the sport, from participating to pursuing a career. 

Top 100 in GB & Ireland

One important element of our Vision and Values statement is to maintain our pace in the relevant Top 100  England Golf Course listings and to strive to feature in as many GB & Ireland Top 100 listings as possible. We are currently listed with Golf World as No.52 in UK & Ireland Inland courses, No.68 in Top 100 England courses and No.15 in Surrey. We are proud to retain our place in the influential Golf Monthly Top 100 courses in GB & Ireland

Dress Code

We wish to maintain responsible standards of casual but smart, dress in keeping with golfing traditions. We are not an old-fashioned club, nor do we wish to appear fuddy-duddy. However, we believe people choose to join and visit Tandridge because they expect certain standards to be maintained.