Visitors are very welcome at Tandridge throughout the year, Mondays - Thursdays. The Club also extends a limited opportunity to play on Fridays, tee times are restricted.

The course remains the sole preserve of Members at weekends and Bank Holidays.

Before booking, please ensure you have read the visitor information below. Information includes details on how to book, current offers available at Tandridge, and further information on dress code, values, traditions and etiquette that we ask all golfers to uphold.

Tee times may be requested up to 2-months in advance.

We ask you to take time to read the visitor information below before contacting the Golf Professional team through email or telephone with your requested dates

Green Fees

Summer - Apr to Oct 2024

4 Ball Booking – 18-holes
Monday – Thursday £120pp
Friday £160pp

Winter - Nov 2023 to Mar 2024

4 Ball Booking -18-hole
Monday – Thursday £100pp
Friday £120pp


The Tandridge Centenary Experience

Coffee, Bacon Roll,  18 holes.  Plus Tandridge's Famous Carvery
£160pp to 31st March 2024. £175 from the 1st April 2024

Thursdays only, subject to tee time availability.


How to book

For tee-time availability please contact the Professional Shop on 01883 712274 or email our Operations Manager on

The Professional Shop is open Monday-Sunday between the hours of 7.45am-7pm

The Tandridge Office is open Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9am-5pm

Handicap Requirements

Tandridge requires all visitors to hold a valid handicap index with a maximum of 28 for men and 36 for ladies.

Tandridge is not suitable for novice golfers. The Professional Shop team may request sight of your Handicap Certificate / CDH number upon arrival. A photograph of documentation on a smart phone is sufficient.


Upon arrival guests must check-in at the Pro Shop where payment can be made if not already completed prior to the round.

You will then be directed to the Clubhouse; you are welcome to avail yourselves of all our associated facilities including the changing rooms, lounge, bar and restaurant.


Tandridge accepts payments made by cred/debit cards or bank transfer. Tee time reservations can be made in advance over the phone or via email.


There will be no refund of bookings cancelled within 3 weeks of play. Subject to availability, cancellations can be rescheduled within 12 months of the original booking date. The Club reserves the right to cancel a booking and a full refund will be made in this instance.


Visitors are invited to play from either our Yellow or Red tees.

Information relating to Course Rating, Slope Rating and Course Handicaps are detailed on the Starters Hut adjacent to the 1st tee.

Practice Facilities

The Practice Range is located 50 yards from the Clubhouse and Professional Shop.

Visitors may purchase a bucket of range balls via the bar. You will be issued with a receipt containing a barcode which when presented at the range dispenser, will issue a predetermined number of balls.

It is a violation of club rules to hit any range ball beyond 200 yards and or beyond the boundaries of the range outfield. Golfers must refrain from using any club that could cause or risk causing balls to fly beyond 200 yards / boundary lines. The use of the Practice Range is monitored by CCTV.

There are also separate chipping and putting greens where golfers may use their own balls to practice.

There are 2 practice nets adjacent to the Starters Hut near the 1st tee.

Food and Drink

The lounge and bar offers an extensive menu with food being available from 7.30 through until 16:30. Visitors wishing to have sandwiches after 16.30 should pre-order them at the bar before commencing play.

The Tandridge carvery is generally limited to Thursdays only and a reservation must be made in advance. If dining in the restaurant, the minimum dress code requirement is (non-golf) shoes, tailored trousers, and a collared shirt.

Dress Code

We allow

  • Tailored shorts on the course, the patio and in the Clubhouse
  • Socks of any length, but appropriate to your attire
  • Clean golfing shoes and golf attire in public areas, lounge and bar.
  • Smart jeans in the public areas, lounge and bar

We do not allow

  • Headgear in the Clubhouse Tracksuits, t-shirts, cargo or combat trousers, rugby and football shirts
  • Golf attire in the restaurant
  • Changing clothing in the car park
  • Wet/muddy clothing or shoes in any bar area

We ask that

  • Shirts are tucked-in at all times, unless designed to be worn outside shorts or skirts. Changing rooms are used to change shoes.
  • Players change into clean clothing after an inclement or hot day.

Changing Facilities

Visitors are welcome to use the changing rooms located in the Clubhouse. The Men’s changing rooms are on the ground floor, the Ladies’ facilities on the 1st floor. Codes for entry can be obtained from the Pro Shop and/or the bar.

Mobile Phones

Should be used responsibly so as not to disturb others. Phone call must only be made/taken in the car park.

Trolleys and Buggies

Trolleys and single seat buggies are available to hire from the Professional Shop. Hiring will be subject to an additional charge.


Arrive at the tee 10 minutes before your tee time and check in with the starter if there is one on duty. Take time to confirm your Playing Handicap with your partners.

If you are unsure whether your ball has come to rest out of bounds, or may be lost, hit a provisional ball so that you won’t have to return to the spot to replay the shot. If you are searching for a lost ball and are willing to spend up to three minutes looking for it, consider allowing the group behind to play through if you will be holding them up.

When waiting on the tee or the fairway for the group in front to clear the fairway or green be mindful of Ready Golf when considering whose turn it is to play. The Club actively encourages Ready Golf

Be aware of your position with regard to the group in front and try to keep up with that group, if you feel that your group is losing ground, make the other players in your group aware such that the group’s pace of play increases. Focus your pace of play on the group in front rather than those behind you.

If it is obvious that the group behind are far quicker than your group, maybe they are a 2 ball and you are a 4 ball – do not rush to stay in front, invite the game behind you to play through.

Once greenside, speed up your exit by positioning your golf bags on the way to the next tee.

Begin reading the green and lining up putts as soon as you reach the green. Don’t wait until it’s your turn to putt to start the process of reading the green - do it as soon as you reach the green.

Mark your scorecard after reaching the next tee, not while lingering on or near the just-completed green. If it’s your honour on the tee mark the scorecard after you have hit your tee shot.

During your round, please ensure that you rake bunkers, replace divots and repair pitch marks at every opportunity thereby leaving the course as you would like to see it and to be enjoyed by those behind you.