The Tandridge Lunch is served in the dining room and is four courses of traditional British food at its very best:

  • A selection of starters, including seafood and fresh soup
  • Three magnificent roasted joints, with a wide selection of fresh vegetables
  • A mouthwatering selection of desserts
  • A selection of cheeses with grapes and biscuits 

"Tandridge Pudding" is a treat not to be missed! It has been the favourite of the dessert selection for over 30 years. This traditional steamed pudding is crammed with seven fruits, embellished with mixed spices, brown sugar and golden syrup, served with custard or cream, it is probably the best hot pudding in England, if not the World! The legend is that it adds another 10 yards to your drive!

The photogallery illustrates some of the delights of The Tandridge Lunch.


"The food was superb - everybody, but everybody, commented on how good it was"

Puffins GS

"The lunch was as delicious as ever" 

Husbands Unwanted GS (HUGS)

"The food and wine were of the highest standard" 

20 Club GS

"The catering was first class. Thanks a million" 

Surrey Seniors

"The course was stunning and the catering exceptional." 

The Lord's Taverners