How to Join the Waiting List at Tandridge Golf Club

There is currently a Waiting List in operation at Tandridge. There are two ways of joining the list, with the more established route being proposed by an existing member. We may also consider applications from those new to the area or who do not as yet know any members. 

Please phone the General Manager Luke Edgcumbe on 01883 712274 or contact him by email at without obligation, and he will be happy to provide details of the application process and answer any questions.

Without becoming a member you can apply to join the Waiting List for our Academy programme for beginners and improving golfers - see the Academy section for more information.

Entrance fees may, by agreement with the General Manager, be paid in instalments. Subscriptions vary by age and the following rates apply from 1st April 2021.


AgeBoys Entrance FeeGirls Entrance FeeSubscriptions
10-18 years none none £170

Full 7-Day Members

AgeMens Entrance FeeLadies Entrance FeeSubscriptions
18-23 years £1,248 £1,248 £623
24-30 years £1,996 £1,996 £998
31-40 years £3,743 £3,743 £1871
41+ years £4,990 £4,990 £2,495
Country members (50 miles) £2,496 £2,496 £1,248
Country members (200 miles) £1,248 £1,248 £624
Overseas members £748 £748 £374

A family member joining the Club where another family member holds a Full membership, benefits from a 25% discount of the relevant Entry Fee.

All subscription fees are subject to Member approval at the annual AGM, whilst published fees may change without prior notification.