Become a member

How to Join Tandridge Golf Club

There are two ways of joining Tandridge Golf Club, with the more established route being proposed by an existing member. We also welcome applications from those new to the area or who do not as yet know any members.

Please phone the Club Secretary Andrew Tanner on 01883 712274 or contact him by email at without obligation, and he will be happy to provide details of the application process and answer any questions.

Without becoming a member you can join our Academy programme for beginners and improving golfers - see the Academy section for more information.

Entrance fees may, if preferred, be paid in instalments. Subscriptions vary by age and the following rates apply from 1st April 2018.


AgeBoys Entrance FeeGirls Entrance FeeSubscriptions
10-18 years none none £256

Associate Members

What is Associate Membership?

Associate Membership is available up to the age of 40. It is designed for players seeking to retain or get the advantages of Club membership at a significantly reduced price at a time when further education, early career and young families are important factors. Associate Membership gives the player a maximum 12 rounds p.a. and a further 6 rounds at the Members guest green fee (£29 in 2018) if required.

Membership gives entry into competitions, an active handicap, practice facilities, the right to bring friends along at the Members guest green fee and use of the clubhouse and restaurant.

AgeMen's Entrance FeeLadies Entrance FeeSubscriptions
18-30 years £413 £413 £376
31-40 years £815 - £1,218 £490 - £730 £523

New applicants pay this partial entrance fee on joining as an associate and the balance of the relevant entrance fee as they convert to full membership.

Full 7-Day Members

AgeMen's Entrance FeeLadies Entrance FeeSubscriptions
18-23 years £825 £825 £697
24-30 years £825 £825 £1,045
31-35 years £1,630 £980 £1,568
36-40 years £2,435 £1,460 £1,568
41-45 years £3,250 £1,945 £2,090
46-55 years £4,050 £2,430 £2,090
56-60 years £3,250 £1,945 £2,090
61+ years £2,435 £1,460 £2,090
Country members (50 miles) £1,045 £1,045 £1,045
Country members (200 miles) £523 £523 £523
Overseas members £314 £314 £314
Social members £314 £314 £314