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Tandridge Golf Club
Godstone Road
Oxted, Surrey

01883 712274
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How to Join

There are two ways of joining Tandridge Golf Club, with the more established route being by invitation from an existing member. We also welcome applications from those new to the area or who do not as yet know any members. Please phone the club secretary Andrew Tanner on 01883 712274 or contact him by email at without obligation, and he will be happy to answer any questions.

If you want to join there is an application process to complete and details can be provide by the Office on 01883 712274.

We particularly welcome applications from women and younger candidates and our rates are reduced for these categories.

Without becoming a member you can join our Academy programme for beginner and improving golfers – see the Academy section on this website.

Entrance fees (may if preferred be paid in instalments). Subscriptions vary by age and the following rates apply as at 1st April 2017.

Both sexes

 Junior 10-15 yrs none £256
Junior 16-18 yrs none £369


Male18-30 yrs £825 £369
Female18-30 yrs £825 £369
 Male 31-40 yrs From £1630 to £2435 £513
 Female 31-40 yrs From £980 to £1460 £513
New applicants pay 50% Entrance Fee upon joining then the balance upon changing to full membership


 18-23 yrs £825 £683
 24-30 yrs £825 £1025

Men Women
 31-35 yrs £1630 £980 £1538
 36-40 yrs £2435 £1460 £1538
 41-45 yrs £3250 £1945 £2050
 46-55 yrs £4045 £2430 £2050
 56+ yrs £4850 £2910 £2050

Both sexes
Academy scheme* none £750
Country members 50 miles £1025 £1025
Country members 200 miles  £513 £513
Overseas members £308 £308

Associate Membership up to the age of 40 is designed for players seeking to retain or get the advantages of Club membership at a significantly reduced price at a time when further education, early career and young families are important factors. Associate Membership gives the player a maximum 12 rounds p.a. including entry into competitions, an active handicap, practise facilities, use of the clubhouse and restaurant. Associate Members may not take the place of a Full Member in the 3 major competitions. A further 6 rounds may be played at the Member’s guest rate if required. Associates Members must ‘check-in’ at the Pro Shop on each occasion to monitor the maximum 12 rounds.

*We normally expect Full Members to be at a proficient playing standard equivalent to a handicap of 21, but you can join our Academy for up to 2 years to develop your game. The subscription gives you lessons and coaching from our PGA Professionals, entry to special competitions and the right to play on the course at reserved times.